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  • Facial Cleansing Gel 250ml

    Facial Cleansing Gel 250ml

    Australian Bodycare’s Facial Cleansing Gel is a very gentle facial wash with 1% Tea Tree Oil.

    Specially designed to cleanse the delicate skin on the face.

    Effectively removes bacteria and dirt without drying the skin.

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    Additional Info

    Australian Bodycare Facial Cleansing Gel is a water activated low foaming face wash designed to deep cleanse the delicate skin tissue, effectively removes dirt and bacteria.

    Ideal for teenagers who are particularly prone to breakout, spots and acne along with excessive oil secretion. Use twice daily.

    • 1% Tea Tree Oil Gentle/mild facial wash
    • Cleanses delicate facial skin
    • Non drying
    • Removes bacteria and make-up Avoid eye area
    • Colour and fragrance free SLES free
    • Skin friendly pHAdded moisturisers
    • Rinses off easily


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    KLM Beauty Covermark Camouflage Range Australian Bodycare Spa

The appeal of Australian Bodycare lies not only in its simple and straightforward use, its suitability for all the family but also in the knowledge that we only use the highest quality and grade of Tea Tree Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia. Well documented for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties Australian Bodycare delivers the reassurance and comfort of knowing that your skin is left fresh, clean and free from blemish and odour causing bacteria ABC Pharmacy

Australian Bodycare Pharmacy range offers a natural solution to keep skin and hair in excellent condition.

We have blended the highest grade of Tea Tree Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia, into our products to provide a gentle yet effective skin and hair care range to suit the needs of the whole family. STEAMCREAM - Moisturiser for Face, Body and Hands.