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  • Shave Shield Dual Action Shave Prep and Skin Moisturiser

    Shave Shield Dual Action Shave Prep and Skin Moisturiser

    King of Shaves Shave Shield is their first hybrid high performance dual-action “cream-like” shave prep and skin moisturiser – it offers great shave protection and long lasting skin moisturisation. Remember: don’t wash off post shave, just massage into skin.

    Shave Shield has a light Citrus fragrance and is formulated to give you a close and comfortable shave. It delivers enhanced razor glide and fantastic blade performance leaving your skin incredibly smooth, supple and hydrated. After shaving there is no need to rinse off, apply a pea sized amount and massage in to moisturise and protect your skin leaving it feeling matt, supple and smooth

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    Additional Info

    • Designed for sensitive skin.
    • Helps prevent irritation and shaving rashes.
    • Formulated with soothing Panthenol.
    • Free from unwanted SLES, SLS and parabens.
    • The low foam “cream-like” formula means you see where you’re shaving – perfect for shaping sideburns, goatees and for avoiding problem areas.



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    Covermark Camouflage Range Micro Cell The Australian Bodycare Family King Of Shaves STEAMCREAM - Moisturiser for Face, Body and Hands. FROM THE SEA TO THE SKIN

The benefits of the sea are fascinating and limitless; PHYTOMER makes exceptional products out of them.

Biotechnology unlocks the power of natural ingredients; PHYTOMER stands out with its advanced Research Laboratory.

Innovative, relaxing and extremely active, Phytomer face and body care represents an invitation to well-being, a marine immersion of healthy, natural, and lasting beauty. 

Phytomer were pioneers at discovering that seaweeds and sea algae contains all the identical 106 minerals and vitamins essential to our beauty and well-being. Their skin care is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, combining total equilibrium of mind, body and soul with 100% natural, safe and highly effective skincare.