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  • A wealth of knowledge and three decades of experience contribute to MICRO CELL now being regarded worldwide as ’the expert’ for the treatment of hand and nail problems.
    Environmental factors have a major influence on the state of our hands and nails, as well as general neglect, and lack of good nail care.

    MICRO CELL insist that every product is tailored to treat and care for nails and target common nail conditions guaranteeing effective solutions.

    Light Pink SHELLFIX - Resistant Gel Finish F1

    SHELLFIX - Resistant Gel Finish F1

    With this patented SHELLFIX technology MICRO CELL sets a completely new milestone in the field of nail cosmetics, revolutionising the market. The combination of SHELLFIX GEL POLISH and SHELLFIX RESISTANT gives a virtually indestructible finish, lasting up to 2 weeks. Perfect for home treatment, as a UV lamp is not required.


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    Nail Repair 12ml

    MICRO CELL NAIL REPAIR has been developed specifically for soft and brittle nails. The unique active system is based on the recovery of protein molecules in the outer layer of the nail. Damaged nails are strengthened and protected against tearing and splitting of the nail tips, the nails grow stronger and more resistant.

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    Nail Repair Remover 100ml

    An acetone-free remover, which removes Nail Repair and all other varnishes particularly gently. Works in synergy with Nail Repair.

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    Nail Repair Light & White 12ml

    Nail Repair Light & White is designed for those with very thin, sensitive nail plates, typically caused by wearing artificial nails. With half the concentration of active ingredients in Nail Repair, it ensures the same treatment success whilst offering high tolerance even in cases of hypersensitivity.




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    Nail Rescue Oil 12ml

    Nail Rescue Oil 12ml

    •High quality plant oils, vitamin A, B5, C, E & F, silica & citral (lemon)
    •Soothes and protects cuticles from drying & replaces missing nail oil in nail plate
    •Nails retain their natural flexibility, which protects against chipping & tearing
    •Massaging oil into cuticles stimulates nail growth


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    Add: £18.50   

    Cuticle Care Pen

    The Cuticle Care Pen provides optimally maintained cuticles. Its practical application means it can be used on the go, anytime and anywhere.

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    Natural Shine Buffer

    The Natural Nail Shine Buffer activates the nails’ natural oil production and leaves the nail looking healthy and well cared for.



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    Dip-in Remover 60ml

    The dip-in remover is specifically designed for quick, easy but very gentle varnish removal.

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    Supersonic Professional Glass File

    The Supersonic Professional Glass File works to prevent splintering & breaking nails.


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    Natural Mineral File

     The Natural Mineral File is a high quality precision file for shortening, smoothing and sealing varnished and unvarnished nails.


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The benefits of the sea are fascinating and limitless; PHYTOMER makes exceptional products out of them.

Biotechnology unlocks the power of natural ingredients; PHYTOMER stands out with its advanced Research Laboratory.

Innovative, relaxing and extremely active, Phytomer face and body care represents an invitation to well-being, a marine immersion of healthy, natural, and lasting beauty. 

Phytomer were pioneers at discovering that seaweeds and sea algae contains all the identical 106 minerals and vitamins essential to our beauty and well-being. Their skin care is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, combining total equilibrium of mind, body and soul with 100% natural, safe and highly effective skincare.